Daphne Blake
Gender Female
Hair Orange/Red
Eyes Black
Occupation Amateur sleuth; journalist
Affiliation Mystery Inc.
Family Nedley Blake (father); Elizabeth Blake (mother)
Production details

Daphne Anne Blake is the fashion-loving member of Mystery Inc.. Daphne, depicted as coming from a wealthy family, is noted for her red hair, her fashion sense, and her tendency to get into danger which she inherited from her father, hence earning from Fred Jones the nickname "Danger-prone Daphne".

Physical AppearanceEdit

Daphne is a good looking sixteen year-old girl with red hair and usually wears a purple hairband. She wears a purple sports-skirt with pink tights and purple shoes. She also wears a green scarf and has blue eyes (sometimes green or purple).


While not as intelligent as Velma Dinkley, Daphne would always solve her problems in a different way. The character later became more confident and started playing a more active role as time went on. Daphne's character is more danger prone in the early Scooby-Doo spinoffs, when the focus of the series briefly shifted to her's, Scooby's,Scrappy's, and Shaggy's.


Daphne has displayed many abilities during the show: she has a black belt in Karate, she can use different kinds of weapons, she can use her make up acessories to open locked doors and cages, she is very flexible and can think quickly during a fight as shown in the movies.


Daphne will appear in 2017 cartoon crossover, Castaras. Along with Scooby Doo. She will be seen as a five year old (A pup named scooby doo version) in Castaras Babys, She will be looked after by Billianairess Maria Towers in the mansion in Vice City.

Family & RelativesEdit

Relatives of Daphne shown during the series' run include:

  • George Robert Nedley Blake: Daphne's father, the creator of the product Blake's Bubble Bath.
  • Elizabeth Blake: Daphne's mother.
  • Matt Blake: Daphne's uncle, a cattle rancher.
  • John Maxwell: Daphne's uncle, a film director.
  • Olivia Dervy: Daphne's aunt.
  • Jennifer: Daphne's cousin.
  • Danica LeBlake: Daphne's French cousin, a famous model.
  • Shannon Blake: Daphne's Scottish cousin.
  • Uncle Blake: Daphne's uncle and also a hotel owner of Blake's Hotel.
  • Uncle John: Film director. He was being haunted by a gladiator ghost whilst filming in the Colliseum.
  • Dorothy Blake Daphne's sister: a race car driver
  • Delilah Blake Daphne's sister : in the Marine Corps
  • Daisy Blake Daphne's sister: a doctor
  • Dawn Blake Daphne's sister: a model
  • Thornton Blake V: Daphne's uncle, owner of a Golf Course near Lake Eire
  • Morton Blake: An Inn Owner.


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