Droop-a-Long Coyote
Gender Male
Hair Pink
Eyes Green
Occupation Deputy
Family Drag-a-Long Coyote (father)
  • Selena Coyote (mother)
  • Hop-a-Long Coyote (older brother)
  • Sing-a-Long Coyote (younger brother)
  • Betty Coyote (younger sister)
  • Tag-a-Long Coyote (nephew)
Production details
First appearance No One's Perfect

Droop-a-Long "Droop" Coyote, nicknamed "Droopy" on occasions, is a pink-pelted coyote who works as deputy to Ricochet Rabbit. Aside from being Ricochet's longest serving deputy, he's also Ricochet's best friend. He is a secondary character in Blazin' Trails.


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Droop-a-Long screws up by catching the wrong Ricochet Rabbit.

The polar opposite of Ricochet, Droop-a-Long is slow in both speed and wits, prone to misunderstanding things. He is extremely clumsy, often breaking things by accident, which usually earns him a scolding from Ricochet. While he's a very good cook, his coffee-making skills are another story---they're (in)famous for being so bad that he has to chop it with an axe. He's often known by the monikers "knucklehead" and "dumb deputy" among others, and many doubt his abilities.

Despite these traits, Droop-a-Long's a very sweet coyote who's always ready to help people, rarely complaining about anything (unless he gets hurt or something bad happens) and always giving his best at his job, even if it takes him a while to do said job. Because of this, it makes it hard to remain angry at him for a while, and is close friends with Ricochet in particular. He has a habit of calling everyone he knows "Mr." or "Ms./Mrs.", regardless of how close he is to them or if they're enemies. He does suffer from bouts of low self-esteem, and believes that he won't amount to much; it takes pep talks from others to get him out of his funk. He's always ready to prove his worth, and has a dream of being a sheriff, which he hopes that he'll be able to achieve one day. While he's the most easy-going of the pair, Droop-a-Long's anger is more explosive than Ricochet's on the few times where he's truly furious, which has surprised and scared most of his friends. He's also proven that he's not so stupid at times, and he possesses a little mischievous streak that he loves to use on Ricochet.


Early LifeEdit