The Mystery of the Wasp Ghoul
The New Mysteries of Captain Caveman!
Episode The Mystery of the Wasp Ghoul
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Written By Kyle03
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The Mystery of the Wasp Ghoul is the third episode of The New Mysteries of Captain Caveman!.


The Teen Angels visit an old-fashioned town, but a giant Wasp Ghoul attacks, and it wants Taffy!


The gang are driving into an old fashioned town in their van.

"What an old fashioned place!" Says Taffy.

"Tell me about it!" Says Dee-Dee.

"It's really creepy, we should turn back!" says Brenda.

"We can't turn back!" Cries Dee-Dee.

In his cave, atop of the van, Cavey plays football with his dinosaurs.

"Fun, fun!" Cheers Cavey as he kicks the ball into the other goal.

The dinosaurs on his team cheer.

Back in the van.

"I wonder what Cavey is doing up there?" Asks Brenda.

"I don't know! He's probably playing with his dinosaurs" says Taffy.

So the van stops in the village.

The Teen Angels get out and call for Cavey.

"Cavey!" Calls Dee-Dee.

Then Cavey jumps down from his cave and the gang investigate the village.

Suddenly, a giant wasp appears.

"Zowie!" Cries Taffy.

The Wasp chases the gang.

Brenda falls over and Dee-Dee and Cavey stop for her.

The Wasp flies past the three and carries on chasing Taffy.

"Why does he like me so much!" Calls Taffy.

The gang laugh.

Then Taffy kicks the Wasp and it flies away.

"Strange!" Says Dee-Dee.

Soon the gang are in the local pub.

"Hi!" Says a man.

"Hi!" Says Dee-Dee.

"I'm Brad" says the man.

"I'm Dee-Dee, this is Brenda, Cavey, and Taffy" says Dee-Dee.

Brad pays his attention to Taffy and goes up to her and hangs around her.

"Well, we better be going!" Says Taffy trying to avoid Brad.

She pulls the rest of the gang out of the pub.

A woman appears.

"I'm Angie" says the woman.

"Taffy" says Taffy.

"Oh, you're so beautiful Taffy!" Says Angie.

The gang walk off.

"Why does everyone like me in this town?" Asks Taffy.

"Because you're pretty!" Says Cavey kissing Taffy's hand.

"Oh, Cavey" says Taffy blushing.

"Stay focused you two love birds, we need to catch the Wasp Ghoul!" Says Dee-Dee.

So Brenda calls the police and a policeman and a policewoman come.

Then the Wasp appears and the police catch it.

Dee-Dee unmasks the Wasp.

"Brad, just as we suspected" says Dee-Dee.

"Our first clue was how Brad was so connected to Taffy, just like the Wasp!" Says Brenda.

"And our second clue is, I don't fancy you!" Says Taffy tapping Brad on the nose.

"Captain Caveman!" Cheers Cavey.

Writer's NoteEdit

I'm Kyle03, the writer, thanks for reading and don't forget to comment!

Cast and charactersEdit

Actor Character
Frank Welker Captain Caveman
Grey DeLisle Brenda Chance
Vernee Watson Dee-Dee Sykes
Laurel Page Taffy Dare
Dee Bradley Baker Policemen
Catherine Taber Angie


  • The Wasp Ghoul


Suspect Motive/reason
Brad Because he fancied Taffy.
Angie Because she thought Taffy was pretty.


Culprit Motive/reason
Brad To make Taffy his girlfriend.


  • Town



  • All quotes in plot above

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